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Xanga Poetry

Yah Yah, I’m creative…thanks! but did anyoone actually read the whole thing?? ^___^ Wish me a good time at ECASU! LATERZ!

Since I recieved a pretty good reaction from everyone, here is another poem. For this poem, i needed everyone’s help, so thanks for lending it to me! (Beware some parts of this poem are crappy and it’s fairly long-winded. I hope you still read though!)

Once there was an angel who dreamed of silver wings, a baby star to grace upon, and other sky-bound things.

This angel cutiepie, so filled with hopes and dreams, left divinely perfect gardens, for the mortal Earth it seems.

he picked fresh flowers, visited white rice fields, and luscious forests, and enjoyed the hymns of a gospel choir that rivaled his seraphic chorus.

Next, this silly boy sensed a wafting in the air from a sweet lollipop held by a baby girl without a care.

Sorry,” said the angel, “but I simply must confide that that smell is so delectable it leaves me mystified!

I’d trade my wholesome soul for that sweetness on my lips could this be the legendary object? the loving human kiss?”

I’ve heard the starlight whisper on shady, eclipsed moons of the essence of human love shown in kissed lover’s swoons.

Could the art of humanity be trapped in your bulbous cheeks is the reason behind your smiles somewhere I can peak? (okay, that was weak)

The little chick held out her hand towards the blinding sol, grinning with an ivy fang, eyes both dark and cold.

She offered him the candy pop, with a face unmarred by time, he tried a couple licks, it tasted highly sublime. (this stanza sucks)

I’m glued to this savory taste he chuckled at his luck but when he looked upon that girl he exclaimed, “holy f*ck!”

It seemed she was but an illusion for a blackness seemed to sweep and the sun’s corona waned and god’s scion had to weep

Smokey halos darkened the sky as amethyst hues replaced the orange sun a tired look drew on the face of the wing’d one.

Extreme duress strained his face as introspection showed his err, his will had flopped, and conscience stopped, and he had dropped his care.

Too innocent have you been,” cried the little girl. Suddenly she flew and he was sure who’d possessed his world.

“I am fallen darkness, the meek shy away with fear, it is I who invoke anonymous hate in those who once were dear.”

“I am the prince of all that rebels against your host. Temptation is my forte— it is what i love the most.”

“I take you now, oh angel dark, to a realm of prometheus’ gift. where punishment will be meated out no mortal hand can lift.”

acid bins we’ll bathe you in –my jaded, fellow damned for our work has made us weary in this unhallowed, spiteful land.

“No hope will come to you cherub, even on the final day, when the man with studded hands, will take the good away.”

“For you have fallen from eden pure, for earthly foul and folly, you’ll be eating no more waifers and leave behind the days most jolly.”

“Have no hope to be revitalized that’s a wish no one can fill, for your soul is mine, for all time you signed it over with a quill.”

“A bargain made and come to term, has cursed you through and through an infernal contract drawn and signed, has spelled the end of you.”