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We Belong Together

Here’s a poem I wrote to Lisa awhile ago, but forgot to give her… hehe sorry darling!

Talk of love and devotion is sweet and all But if you recall There are many ways that love can fall.

It seems often these days That couples in the gushy phase Court through crazed acts and grand displays.

Despite this show, divorce is high. Prenuptials? They’re on the rise. If we’re still together 10 years nigh, Would you or I be surprised?

The simple truth is that in the sea There are other fish for you and me. Some are decked in colors–tropically. Some are notable for their intelligence, Some are simply excellent. To what extent is this relevant?

We could live without each other It’s a fact that lies uncovered. In fact it’s plain for both to see Do I have to spell it for you? A. B. C. D. E. It’s elementary as the alphabet Do you got it yet? Have I been too delicate?

There’ll be those who want me or want you But they can only hope that’s all they can do. Because despite all else, we picked each other. For us, there IS no other.

More will come, but we are more than love, More than care, more than wealth, more than life. We are dreams, The summer downpour, The rolling grassy green hills, Everything and anything beautiful in a way that can only be felt.

We belong together.

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