in Writing

Venting Anger

It’s amazing to me the intricacies of the human mind. Product of eons of evolution or of a hand sublime? The choice matters little when your brains starts to boil, when you soil your new blouse, when your hours into toil

The problem with life is the stress that wears on you sadness is a great factor, as well as anger too. So how to we, as adults, go about venting angry feeling? Meditation, love, friendship, they all assist in healing.

But Na, you’re a special case, special in the head, you wear a happy face, when a sad one fits instead. so when you’re feeling down and you want to explode, remember everything you are as a great sight to behold.

Remember greatness passed, and greatness yet to come, remember your loving heart, looking forward to waht you’ll become. Remember friends long gone, and all the love exchanged, remember lovers lost, and partners you harangued.

Think of sweeping sky and the orange of the dawn, think of cutesy bunnies and doe-eyed, nimble fawns, think of mothers with their babies, and toddlers’ gurgling speech, think of foreplay then hot sex, right on the evening beach.

Consider the poverty-stricken, who long for a warm bed, consider freezing vagrants, who tomorrow will be dead. Consider weeping families, whose loved ones have been lost, consider lonely businessmen, and the price success has cost.

Understand that all are different and no one is the same, understand that despite all the problems, there might be none to blame, understand that people are understanding, understand that they are not, understand that you have to try with everything you’ve got.

So Na, the next time you’re angry, like you want to make a fist, remember, think, consider, and understand, what your fighting with. In my opinion, there are much better things in life to be, then envious, vengeful, jealous, and especially angry.