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That Night

Thank you for all your props and comments people! I REALLY appreciate them!!

That Night (Dedicated to Lisa of course!)

globs of purple rain had fallen to the softly padded ground. If one were to look shards of glass could be found.

The remains of a glistening goblet shattered semblance of what once was reflected a roaring fire crackling within a hearth a bit above.

The man sat over his woman lying softly on the bed and thought of what had transpired in his slightly tilted head.

The plan had come after months of thought– their life together had become wanting. ‘Change must come by your willful hand’, his heart and mind had been taunting.

So the fruits of his grand scheme had ripened at last tonight like some sublime spirit she lay in his mind she was quite a sight.

Glinting edges, sharp and pointed he had unsheathed his chosen weapon and with precise, calculated passion sent his beloved straight to heaven.

Shivers of shock ran down her back and she let her glass slip Senses reeling she didn’t care as the carpet stained with drips.

Her cries had broken placid night proving instinct can fall short but before she exhausted herself, she uttered a quick retort.

Though cool and collected through the ordeal this utterance drew salmon to his cheek preparation proved worthless as his knees grew painfully weak.

Now salty emotion ran down his cheek too, the moment pressed into his soul he had changed their lives forever his action had taken its toll.

“Yes,” she had sighed with love “I’ll share my life with you.” She slipped the weapon on her hand Gilded circle, diamond blue.

What’s new at work? Learned to program Excel VBA today. My boss had a mailing list that needed formatting, so I set up some vba that did it automatically. Is there an easier way?

What’s new in webdesign? I’m trying to gather up all the pictures from ECASU to put on the ASA website. Also, Kosal and I have been recruited to work on the ECASU national website. Moogoo helped me pick out a good server, he’s too good! Hopefully we’ll be able to do a good job.

What’s new in the world? The front page of the Inquierer had somehting about women being outraged at unauthorized pevlic exams conducted by medical students–its a common practice. Saddam called Bush out for a debate (it is the only way he would be able to win).

What’s new with ASA? Ominous feelings fortell that when one reminisces upon these first few years, they will seem all too golden.

What do I most want to learn? Python…seems interesting, and TCP/IP networking protocols/sockets etc…

Magic: TG card I’m looking for? More Birds (OP) and Recycles!