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Give(st) Me A Chance!

3 Poems?? You may be wondering… No, I’m not feeling especially prolific today… just very in love and very inspired!

Give(st) Me A Chance!

“Milady”, said the knave to the queen, “I beg a pittance of your time– though truth be told, I’m unworthy of something so sublime.”

“Gentle servant,” began the queen, “What troubles your humble mind? It should be a matter of great importance to warrant my precious time.”

“Under his divine direction I have come to ask of thee a request you might think silly but it’s most important to me.”

“I have always been your servant he has decreed it from my birth and the love that you show your people is more than we are worth.”

“To wash your feet, to clothe your back is not enough for me I seek to show you my unending love, and the depths of my loyalty.”

“For it must be so that when I was born I loved you more than he. Though blasphemous to say, it’s rough to love what I cannot see.”

“How can I show you, my righteous queen how I lovest you? Should I lay my life before your feet or would I be a fool?”

“I implore upon your patient soul to accept my eternal pledge to guard you from malicious deeds that might threaten your precious head.”

“Take me as your stepping stool to lay your feet upon. Take me as a trusted man, to counter threats anon.”

Said the queen to the knave, “I hardly knowest thee but something in thy breath and words speaks from divinity.”

“Though my life is put at risk from a hasty action thus, I will trust in he that sendest thee, and bloom life from barren dust.”

“There is a quality about you that makes me shiver with fear and yet you have a gentle spirit that I imagine would grow dear.”

Oh what will come of this foretold day when blind nobility gave a simple man a chance to show he was more than just a knave?

Would the humble man show the queen that her trust was well-deserved? Just ask Jamie Ly and Lisa Ngov–a pair, of whom, you might have heard.