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Travel Arrangements

Yesterday, the (future) wife and I went shopping at Montgomery Mall. Aside from a few personal items, articles of clothing and other luxuries, we also got a few travel brochures. We stopped to eat an almond pretzel from Auntie Anne’s and flip through them. After looking through the Asia brochure, we thought about whether we wanted our honeymoon to be more cultural or relaxing. We decided it should be relaxing and dismissed Asia as a destination. Then, we looked at the Caribbean and Jamaica brochures, but the agent said something about June being the start of the hurricane season. If we are anything, it’s prudent. Having eliminated two more destinations, we turned our attention to Hawaii and Europe, with its Grecian beaches. Wanting someplace with nice beaches, we decided that Hawaii must have better beaches than Europe (and it’s warmer). So, we are pretty much set on Hawaii. We can take some cultural tours around the islands, see some volcanoes, and relax on its beaches. Hopefully, all of our decisions will be that easy.