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Our nephew came today to spend the week. He's a well-behaved baby of almost a year. I made him cry twice by scolding him. He insists on stuffing things into his mouth. I'm not sure I would mind if I were his parent, but since they mind, I am trying to prevent such behavior. I say 'Mai!' Which means no in our Chinese dialect. I try make it deep and threatening in a way that goes beyond language. It must work, because it has made him cry several times now. Aside from making him cry, I also wrestled with him a bit. He is really cute!

This week, Lisa and I have spring break from Temple University. We are going to enjoy it by going out on a night we typically have class. I can't wait! This weekend was relaxing, long, and fun. I hope we'll have many weekends like this once we both finish school.

On Friday, Lisa, Pris, Hung, and I went to a sushi place in Jersey off of Route 130 called Sagami. Although its tight, the food was excellent! We returned to Pris' and I worked on her virus-infested computer while the others watch August Rush.

The next morning, I went to the laundromat to modify the system to accept card numbers in any rage, then the previous' nights group went to Reading Terminal Market. Lisa and I had pita rollups and Hung and Pris had Thai food. We also snarfed down Famous Cookies' cookies. Afterwards, we went to KOP where Lisa shopped and I did some reading at Border's. I read a couple chapters of Malcom Gladwell's newest book, Outliers. The most interesting part was his explanation of why Asians are good at math. His theory has to do with the length of the words for numbers in Chinese languages, the linguistic formation of large numbers, and the difficulty of growing rice. Later that night, we met with the crew at Lonestar Steakhouse to celebrate Tuan and Chris' birthdays. I gave Tuan a copy of the Manga Bible trying to play off his Catholic upbringing and love of manga. The food was better than Lisa and I expected, and we were glad we went.

Today we went house hunting in the morning, then played a little tennis, and did some spring cleaning.

– Jamie