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How Has Marriage Changed My Life?

A lot of people I’ve been running into have been asking me how my life has changed since I’ve been married. In fact, just yesterday Lisa and I were at Minado’s in Norristown celebrating Rob Swander’s birthday, when Becky Lee asked me how the married life has been thus far.

In asking the question, it seems people expect you to say that life has changed to some extent, by a non-trivial measure. This is a probable assumption. Marriage is a huge life change because it marks the official beginning of a different stage in a relationship. I can’t think of anything that can impact a life more than marriage besides death or life–the death of a loved one or the miracle of a new life brought into the world.

How has marriage changed my life? Whenever I have been asked that question, I have answered that my life is pretty much the same as it was before. To me, she has been my wife for years. I don’t know whether people see this is a testament to the quality of our pre-nuptual relationship or an indictment against our current one. I hope its not the latter.

— Jamie

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