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Party GUI

My party goers, click here to see a list of couples who will be playing for title of “Best Couple.” //

This is version 1 of my party-competition interface. I tested the login on my laptop and it worked fine, but I believe the dusers server uses a older version of PHP, so my scripts may need to be modified.

CS/IS/Computer-Related FAQ

Topic: My Party Competition Interface

What did you use to build the interface? How does it work?

Well, you should all have realized that the graphical user interface (GUI) is presented in Flash SWF format. A discussion on how flash works is beyond the scope of this lesson; suffice it to say that it is a wonderful medium for web-based multimedia.

Each person, along with their email address, full name, and password is stored in a database table called ‘People’. Each of these people has a unique numerical identifier.

Each team, along with the numerical identifier corresponding to the captain of the team and his/her partner, their team name, and score, is stored in a database table called ‘Teams’. Each of these teams has a unique numerical indentifier.

Using PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), the database is queried, and class objects corresponding to each Person and each Team are created.

These objects are sent to an XML Renderer, where their attributes are parsed into XML. To see the Renderer in action click one of the following links: View All People | View All Teams.

Flash loads this dynamically generated XML and generates its own internal objects representing each person and each team.

A movieclip instance for each person is created within Flash, as well as for each team, and the results are displayed as what you see.