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Extravaganza – 1 Day Left

My Extravaganza! <1 Day Left>
(12.13.2003, 6PM, ???? Chestnut St.)

okay, so there is only one day left. i hope the couples playing in the games will have a good time with what i have planned. be at my apt by 8 o’clock. i also hope that those of you who are coming but not playing will not be so bored that you leave.

How to get to ???? Chestnut Street

From in front of Creese student center, walk 7 blocks up towards the higher numbered streets (towards upenn). my building is called ??? hall. call me.

that’s it. durh.

Couples who aren’t actually couples…

Yes, while it’s true that some of the couples aren’t actually couples (ie: team homoerotic), that doesn’t mean that its biased towards actual couples. As sunny said, actual couples are best friends anyway, so it shouldn’t really matter anyway. I’m not saying that Team Homoerotic won’t be a challenge to beat, but it’s definitely within your grasp Sunny, (and all those other couples that truly want to win). You may have been speaking more about the female couples, but they may have problems doing the dirty things. This is why you really have to watch out for Team Homoerotic, which will be willing to do anything (judging from past experiences). If you have further arguments against the same sex couples, please voice them and I will consider leveling a handicap against them.


I expect most of you to come at six unless you have a previous engagement or you’re having dinner somewhere else. For those that will be there by six, I will order pizza at 6:15 for those who are at my apt, and for those who’ve told me they’re coming before 7:30. By 8 o’clock, we should begin playing.

Party Updates:
1. Marky has declined the offer to participate, so that leaves an open position. Please notify me if you know of a good couple that deserves to play!
2. I am making final preparations for the competition, such as writing descriptions of the events, gathering prizes and such (they wont be as impressive as I had originally hoped).
3. If you would like to get me f*cked up tomorrow night, it has to be after the games.
4. The best gift you can give me is to come, enjoy yourself, particpate in the games, and do your damned best.
5. There will be real-time updates of the scores for each team, so if any of you xangans are bored that night, you might wanna check out the scores…in real time!

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