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Kosal finally finds a use for my empty noggin’.

It s hard to say exactly why you love someone. You can try to name characteristics about that person. Her She s smart, funny, and kind. I like her eyes, and the way she smiles. This generic answer is one that most readily pops into your mind, and anyone who hears it might be even more mystified by your feelings. Couldn t you find most of the same characteristics in other people John Public will ask.

Perhaps it is an exact mixture of those characteristics that you find appealing. It could be like how you like exactly two sugars and one cream in your coffee and a packet over or under would be disastrous. A better answer might be that the love has something to do with the experiences you ve shared. Not only the time you went to the zoo together and a monkey stole her hat, but also the lives you shared verbally, through phone, chat, or other conversation can be the reason for you love.

This consideration that is given to the reasons behind love begs for the answer to the question, Does love truly need a reason Although each person will find his or her own answer, I believe love has its own reason. Love can fail all explanations and reason, which is one of the greatest parts of the beauty that is life. Life and love are both so beautiful in that they can defy reason, and take you to such unpredictable places.

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