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3 Reasons To Get Married

I know some people may wonder why Lisa and I, yet so young, have decided to get married. These people may be even more amazed when we tell them that we wanted to get married last year, but waited for family reasons. For me, the decision to get married was a simple one, and there are three main points which led to my own decision:

  1. If you were to ask me why I live, that is the purpose of my existence, I would tell you that it is to have my own family.
  2. On a more practical level, I feel, perhaps falsely, that it will be more economical to be married, as we can live together, share expenses and pool our money together for greater purchasing power, and avoid all the time we spend driving back and forth from each others houses.
  3. Lastly, there is that reason that is mentioned so often but should not be taken forgranted–we love each other.