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Tips for Living

happy birthday yang! stay tuned guys for his birthday video. I’m trying to upload it somewhere for you guys to download.

i miss u bear!

For those of you who enjoyed my New Year’s Eve entry and the life lessons, I will explain the meaning behind the lessons, how to incorporate them into your lives, and why they are important.

1. Say what you mean. Mean what you say.

Explanation: Don’t hide behind meaningless words or say something when you mean the complete opposite. If you do say something, make sure you know what you know the power and meaning of your words. People often use the words love, hate, and sorry quite lightly, but should that always be so?

Living: When about to say something, consider what it will mean to yourself if you say it, what it will mean to the person it is directed to, and what it would mean to a bystander. Consider how you would feel if you switched places with the person yuo were talking with. If you are going to use a ten-dollar word, make sure you know what it means first. Whatever you are going to say, make sure it will not mislead the other person (unless that is your intention).

Importance: This lesson makes communication between people easier. It allows people to take you at your word and strengthens your credibility. People will think of you as an honest person.