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Deception Point by Dan Brown

I’ve finished Wizard’s Conclave and Deception Point, 2 down, 20 to go. As I’m sure none of you are Dragonlance fans, I’ll forgo any lengthy comment about it, other than that it was a must-read for any person that missed true god-given magic.

As for Deception Point, it was a solid title with no remarkable flaws. It was an interesting read, although I enjoyed Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code more for the religious/theological elements (what some would refer to as church-bashing tee hee). [For those that care to know, I am deeply interested in theology.]

This book reminded me a lot of Crichton’s works (Congo, Jurassic Park) in that it is fast paced, accessible science fiction. With its short, leave-em-hanging, action-stuffed chapters, Brown increases the readability of his books for the time-challenged, rock’em, sock’em people of America.

His stories lend themselves to screen-adaptation, it’s inevitable that one of his novels will get turned into the next Hollywood blockbuster.