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Future Education

Please continue to vote and help me think about my future!

In other job-related news, someone called me from a consulting company today, asking if I had the skills necessary to complete some sort of 3-d Modelling software. I replied by asking how he got my cell number!

Haha…. well, after he told me, I said that although I did meet the reqs almost (honestly, only 1% of CS undergrads would meet the reqs necessary), I was too busy to sign up for the project. He then asked, “Do you know anyone who has the background necessary to complete this project” It made me laugh that the would ask someone he didn’t even know for a recommendation.

Unfortunately, practically no one I know (even the CS majors), knows enough about graphics and mathematics to do the project. Otherwise, someone could’ve had a job right then and there…. oh well!

After talking with my dad tonight, I realized that most of my aunts may have Master degrees or an equivalent (such as a Pharmacist degree, whatever they are called). These fabulous aunts, my mother’s sisters, are immigrants who put themselves through school. In order to prevent shaming my parents, I’ll have to surpass not only them, but all of their children (one of which is a 14yr old girl who got a 1370 on her SATs last year–I’m runnin’ scared). So, if you’ve got a moment, help me decide my plans for Graduate education! It would be helpful to know that I’ll be receiving a BS in CS.

edit: of course it isn’t good to compare yourself to family members, but try telling that to your parents or relatives!!

edit: I should add that I do really enjoy learning, and I would also be completing these degrees for myself!

edit: From what Lisa tells me, Wharton is not #1 for MBAs–not that it sucks either…

edit: I don’t really think of myself as an overachiever…Rather, I think of others as underachievers…muahaha…

edit: By the time I finished 5+ Masters, 2+ PhDs (without going full time), I’d be ready to die … literally … I would be quite old.

M – Master of Engineering PhD – Doctor of Philosophy EE – Electrical Engineering CS – Computer Science CE – Computer Engineering MBA – Master of Business Administration MEng – Master of Engineering