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Choosing PatientPro

For those of you who did not enjoy college, would you leave a comment about why not? I’d be interested in hearing whether it has more to due with college or with the circumstances of life during college.

PatientPro Design Diary

Choosing PatientPro

Comming into this project, I had several ideas that I thought might be interesting and fun to pursue.? The projects would be entertaining to design and program, yet technically impressive and nontrivial to implement.

  1. Ecosystem Simulator
  2. Finite State Automata and Particle Simulation
  3. Java-Based Image Editor
  4. Web-based Workflow Application
  5. Network Packet Filter
  6. Some sort of Game

The CS senior project is not only an assignment, but a competition against our peers.? Although the prize for first place is a paltry five hundred dollars, split six ways, the props for winning are a geek’s treasure!

Although I’d wanted to complete one of the projects above, I realized that these might not win us the prize.? It seemed like the team I’d formed was set on winning, so we chose to do a project that Drexel’s Nursing school had requested people to take on.? We thought that since the project had the potential to be used, that we would have a greater chance of winning the grand prize.

PatientPro is an application run on PC or PDA that allows nursing students to work with patient data while satisfying legislative requirements such as HIPAA, which safeguards patients’ privacy.