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Here are some final updates on my life before this blog is closed, for those few who are interested and don’t feel like asking personally :)

I graduated Drexel University on June 11, 2005. The commencement began at around 9:00 AM and was nothing special. I now have a BS in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics, finishing with a GPA of 3.61, graduating cum laude.

I will be starting work on June 27, 2005 for a small financial consulting firm whose headquarters is in Devon, PA, called Smart and Associates. Pinky has already started work there.

I will be waiting to see my work schedule and discuss it with my supervisors before attempting further education. If time (and the school) permits, I will be attempting either an MBA or a MS in Information Systems at Penn State, Great Valley Campus. I may have to take introductory courses elsewhere to meet the prerequsites for these degrees.

I have moved back home to live with my parents in the attempt to save money to buy a house. We live in Glen Mills, PA, near Media. If you care to visit, feel free to drop by. My father loves for people to come over so he can show off the house.

Lisa and I will most likely not be getting married until 2007, due to familial obligations. Still, we are as happy as ever. She has started a job at J&J in its FLDP program. Yes, she makes more money than I will.

As we all grow older, may we all work towards success–a personal success that each individual must define for himself.