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Tips for Living

The continuing explanation of my philosophy for living…

10. Respect every person as a human being. Respect peers as kindred spirits. Respect friends as soul mates. Most importantly, respect yourself as someone worthwhile.

Explanation: Although many people will argue with me on this point, I do not respect every equally. There are three basic degrees of respect (not counting familial respect). Every person deserves the respect that you give all human beings. There are certain people that are not close friends, yet deserve the respect of a comrade. These are people that “know where you’re coming from”, that you would like to be close with but probably never will, that you can talk with for hours on end, that you trust, that you consider your equal in every way. These people deserve the respect of kindred spirits. They are like family but are will never truly be. Then, there is the respect that you give friends. Friends, not meaning the people that you say hi to daily, but the people you consider truly family.

Living: Respect all in a way that befits the nature of your relationship. Do not give someone respect they have not earned.

Importance: Who wants respect when it’s so cheap?

11. You cannot love others until you love yourself.

Explanation: It takes self-confidence and a feeling of self-worth to be a great partner.

Living: Realize that you are loved for a reason. Love the person that you are. (This does not include loving your bad points, but, instead, accepting them until you can fix them–if possible.)

Importance: If you don’t understand what I mean, then read this again when you’re ready.