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Legend has it that gods twist the fortunes of man. ‘Is this true?’ i ask thoughtfully ask myself. Simple, yet profound things happen seemlingly out of luck, but is there a deeper reasoning to this chaos? A wiser man would leave the questions as ones that can never be answered but Not for a long time have I felt as I do now–full of love and deep affection, Gentleness and expectation. Our futures are intertwined. Other girls have come and gone, and now that you’re here Lisa, Vainly, I wonder what this means for me…

(Unititled) Part 1

She looked him dead in his guilty eyes and smacked him across his face. She wanted those filthy eyes to fly out of their sockets and shatter against the wall opposite them. Instead, it was her eyes that felt like they would break.

He clutched his wounded cheek and checked his wounded pride and turned purposefully from her towards a door that would lead him away.

“What do you want from me?” he said bitterly with his back turned.

“The truth!” she screamed and started to sob.

Neighbors could hear the angry threats and hiccuping cries faintly through the suburban night. They turned their televisions louder, annoyed at the disturbance.

To be continued… part2 is private. IM me to read it.