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Although I usually don’t like to bore other people with the menial little details of my everyday life (no offense to those who do lolx), bear with me while I go against ideal for a moment as a means to an end.

Yesterday, the guys and girls and I went ice skating at the River Rink at Penns Landing. To all those who helped my darling Lisa through her worries, thank you! Special thanks go out to BenXiaoHai and PrincelyViet who always get my back in matters concerning my better half.

So what was she worried/troubled over? Well, in case you’ve never met me or talked to me, I can be a flirt. Girls ask me how I can flirt when I have a lovely girlfriend who I love dearly. I think they think I’m a monster for doing so. Well hopefully to set things straight once and for all, here is a semi-explanation (which by no means is meant as an excuse for my behavior).

My girl doesn’t like it when I flirt. She understands though that sometimes guys do flirt. She’s incredibly understanding. She also accepts it. When you see or hear me flirting, it’s not because I don’t love my girlfriend. It’s because it’s a part of my nature.

It takes time to remove a part of yourself, doesn’t it? My good friends can attest to the fact that I have been trying to cut down the flirting…it takes time though. There are people who wouldn’t even think of changing for their gfs…there are others who can’t…give me time folks…I can do it!

Oh, and remember…the point is that I can do it because I choose to do it. I am not forced, nor coerced. I am not threatened nor scared. I am neither controlled nor chained. I choose to be how I am. Sorry…I had to emphasize that.