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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-19

  • Every day is a new opportunity to work on my inadequacies. #
  • Taking a moment to relish the beating of my heart. #
  • Some light pairing with @hectcastro today, I'm going to miss it! #
  • @hectcastro It's satisfying to know that I had some impact :) in reply to hectcastro #
  • @speno yeah, I'll be moving on from my current role and focusing on mobile development. It was nice meeting you that one time, take care! in reply to speno #
  • How best to be thankful for the gifts that I've been given than by maximizing their utilization? #
  • Self-improvement requires that one degloss his ego's glitter long enough to loose the luster of truth. #
  • Going backpack-less to work for the first time in…years? #
  • Beacon:: Goodbye // #
  • Life is teeming with blessings for the patient and grateful. #