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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

  • @davekonopka looks like you bought more than you bargained for in reply to davekonopka #
  • If you could take 15 minutes to answer this survey for my class, it would be very helpful. Thanks! #
  • I re-read the first half of The Rails 3 Way after working on a Rails reporting app. It's even better the second time! #rails #
  • I tried to edit a Google form it's other day. It's damn tedious to add new questions to the beginning of a form! #usability #
  • @8bitb0mb it's definitely more like a reference book in reply to 8bitb0mb #
  • Rowing on this rainy day for a work retreat and forgot to pack product :p I'm going to wind up looking like a wet dog! #
  • @bflad You missed spicy Szechuan yesterday. Boo! Next time we're cranking it to 11 in reply to bflad #
  • @hectcastro no–just tears and dreams in reply to hectcastro #
  • @davekonopka yup. maybe if I fall in I can realize my childhood fantasy of becoming a disembodied brain in a robotic suit in reply to davekonopka #
  • 3 popped blisters, 1 hand abrasion, and 2 carpal tunnel locked hands later, 2/5 place in the WCIT regatta. An aching weekend is ahead. #
  • @davekonopka tested the waters a bit with a digit. Just the tip. in reply to davekonopka #
  • Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey! #