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Tech Talk: Regular Expression Recap

Yesterday I presented a tech talk on regular expressions. Overall, the feedback was very helpful! One thing I need to work on is making sure that my examples are work 100%. I know it can be very confusing when someone stumbles through an example.

Another thing which I need to work on is pacing. Unfortunately, I did not word my questionnaire in a way that allowed me to know whether people thought I was too fast or too slow. I will definitely correct this the next time I get to speak. I think that if one already knew regular expressions, the pace would be very slow.

Overall, it was a great experience. I relish every chance I get to speak. I don’t particularly enjoy it personally, but I find being able to speak in a clear, engaging way, is an important talent to cultivate.

For anyone who is interested, here is the presentation. //


I have also linked to the questionnaire I handed out (it still needs work), in case you’d like to see it or use it yourself. //

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