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CiteThis! Update 0.17

I modified CiteThis! with the following features this weekend:

  • Added a citation list box, where you can queue all your citations.
  • Removed the custom citation box from the preferences pane (it was not of use anymore)
  • Fixed APA citation format to include last accessed date.
  • Added some handling of author/titles:
    • If title includes the host name of the site such as “news blah blah – CNN”, then the host name will be removed from the title.
    • If the author ends with any special characters, they will be removed
    • If author contains AP, or Associated Press, that will be stripped.
  • Author determination:
    • Added handling of some common author classes, like when an element has a class called “byline” or “author”
  • Site-specific handling
    • Added handling of some more sites: ABCNews, Fox, CNet, Yahoo News

  1. Any chance Cite This will be compatible with Firefox 4? I just updated Firefox and CiteThis doesn’t seem to be compatible and I really really miss it.

    Makes school life so much more easier.


  2. Hello Jamie, Thank you for the Firefox 4 compatibility. I would like you to be aware that APA has came out with a new version APA 6, I believe. The reference format has changed, will this actually be updated with Cite This?

  3. I’ll look into it, thanks for the update. It should be an easy fix, but I won’t have much availability until early May. I will definitely try to work on this in the first week of May.

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