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Dominos-Style Game

My wife loves PopCap’s game Alchemy. It’s a dominoes-like game, where you match up alchemic symbols and various colors. The object of the game is to turn each board-square from lead to gold. I have been wanting to try out the limejs game library, which is based on Google’s Closure compiler, so I decided to write a quick implementation of the game. You can find the source on Github.

You can try out the game online. To play, place pieces adjacent to other pieces which match in symbol or color. A placed piece must match all the pieces adjacent to it. A wild card piece, denoted with the ‘*’ symbol, matches all pieces. Filling a row or column with pieces will mark the corresponding spaces as cleared. The object of the game is to get each space marked as cleared.

Edit (20100214 11:00 PM): Added win condition and box showing how many spaces cleared. Edit (20100215 11:00 PM): Added leveling. The board starts small with few pieces and keeps getting bigger with each round.