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Extravaganza – 2 Days Left

My Extravaganza! [2 Days Left]
(12.13.2003, 6PM, ???? Chestnut St.)

Party updates:

1. Peter and Tuan have teamed up to form Team Homoerotic.
2. Jenny and Ming were invited to take the open spot, but they have previous engagements they need to attend to.
3. Marky has been invited to take the spot. His acceptance is pending.

BenXiaoHai and I would like to wish all of you Xanga-goers a very merry christmas. Well, actually, he kind of resisted, but the spirit of the season eventually won him over.

[image removed]

You had to see it coming….Pete was right…

[image removed]

it’s a bit jerky, but wtf do you want me to do? spend all day on it?

the scary thing is that his breasts are actually pretty close to that size.

Vi’s head is bigger not only b/c he is bighead, but because i didn’t want to cut the other dude’s head off… it would’ve taken like 15 min extra…

Since Vi actually did link the fat kid site, i provided a box to hide his curves a bit.