in Personal


What I think of my bestest bud

Before I begin, make sure you know that this is all just my honest opinion. These do not reflect the opinions of anyone else I know. So here I go…sorry Yang, but you asked for it, muahahah!

Yang, you’re like a bro to me. Top dawg; Yango Bango; Teddy bear; These are all things that I’ve called you.

Who is the real you? I think I am one of the best people to answer that question (b/c I am really a conceited bastard).

No one can deny that you’re nice and kind, generous and courteous, and loving and gentle. If we were to list all of your good points, the entries would span several pages. Not everyone however, knows (or maybe even cares about) you’re not so great qualities (which I am about to list):

– Shy at times (but then again, aren’t we all?)
– No macking skillz
– TOO courteous
– TOO generous
– TOO kind

The shyness, I think, stems from the same source as your courtesy. It’s a desire to not upset the quid prop quo–not to make waves. You have ideas, wants, desires, and concerns but there is something in you that can’t seem to express them at times. Maybe you percieve that they will be taken the wrong way?

The lack of macking skillz is forgiveable. People will read this and question why this is such a bad quality. It’s not so much bad in itself. Its just that what it leads to is the thinking that Yang is not a normal guy with animal desires. I fear girls might automatically not think of Yang “that way” because of the feeling he gives off as being a nonsexual entity. So if you’re reading this–you girls who percieve Yang as some stuffed beast lacking genitalia–know that he is a normal man. His closest friends can attest to this. He has (most of the) same thirsts as every other guy.

How can anyone be too generous you ask? I don’t mean in terms of money–money is one of those material things that one can rarely be too generous with.

I mean too generous with his time and hard work. How often have I seen him help aquaintances with their work, only to have his own suffer? How many times has he given someone his own work–not really wanting to–just because they’ve asked? Ask me how many times have people taken advantage of him just because he’s incapable of saying no? Too many times.

Perhaps this is not so much a fault of his as it is of these people who have taken advantage. If you think I might be talking about you, don’t bother askign him if you’ve exploited his good nature. He’ll happily answer, “No, of course not.”

Still, Yang is definitely all that you think he is. Great, caring, loving, and all those good sorts of things. Here, for those of you who only see the teddy bear side of him, are some of his lesser known points:

Yang is a great conversationalist, and can get anybody to open up to him. Despite his shyness, once he gets to know someone, he can talk to them about anything.

Yang doesn’t like to bother other people with his problems. You’ll rarely catch him in a bad mood, but if you do, he’ll still put his best face forward. If you are talking to him endlessly about your own problems, how about asking him if he’s doing all right instead of going on and on and on…he may hide anything that’s troubling him, but the care lies in the attempt.

Yang is very humble. This is an incredible trait to have in general. Maybe it’s part of why he’s so endearing to our hearts.