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Lisa and I were having a conversation about a person’s “contribution to society.” Personally, I’ve always felt (I’m waiting for you to called me cocky) that I had the ability to make an incredible contribution. I don’t really know in what shape, way, or form, but I know I can.

There’s a problem though–I don’t want to. A lack of motivation is sometimes the only thing that stops someone from achieving their full potential. It’s important to realize and acknowledge this in life. Sometimes there’s no one holding you back besides yourself. “You are your own worst enemy.”

If you knew you could save the world, bring peace, or cure disease, would you sacrifice everything to do so? What if your design required a life’s devotion? What people should really respect are the people who do choose to devote their life to the cause. Self-sacrifice is tear-jerkingly noble.

What I think of my bestest bud

In this, the second of my “friends” entries, I will be exploring the inner child of the man you know as BenXiaoHai.

Before I begin, make sure you know that this is all just my honest opinion. These do not reflect the opinions of anyone else I know.

Alright, well I know what you’re thinking…you didn’t ask for this. Too bad, I don’t have anything better to write about, so I am choosing you.

Like Yang, you are one of my closest friends. People know you as ham sup lo (a nickname we can share), dai lo, grandpa, and the biter! Who is the real you? I think I am one of the best people to answer that question (b/c I am really a conceited bastard).

People who’ve only known you for a little while may think you’re an incredibly horny and immature guy. Many, in fact, have thought the same about me. Those who have come to know you longer and more intimately have come to know your finer points such as your responsible nature, your familial devotion, and your level-headedness.

We call you dai lo because (even if sometimes we’d rather you not) you’ve tried to look out for our best interests. Most everytime we have needed you, you have fulfilled our expectations completely.

People think that you’re so immature? It’s because you were an unconfident child and a unsociable teen. The “immaturity” arises not only from a need to live lost pubescent years but also because it is the easiest way to do so. Where once you held back, you withdrew into yourself, you accepted your shyness, you give everything you can, you show people who you really are, and you fight any awkwardness or self-doubt to become an interesting, vibrant character.

I think that most of us would rather be “characters” than “drones.” You are a great example of how someone can transform themself to bring what is inward, out–thereby realizing their dreams and fondest wishes.

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