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BenXiaoHai and Wen_He are arguing about maturity. The following is my response. Be prepared for inside jokes.

My definition of maturity: (from The state or quality of being fully grown or developed.

Wen_He if you’re trying to be fully grown already and emphasize it that’s okay. You gotta realize that we like the person you were before. BenXiaoHai, stop hasslin her even if she IS annoying.

Personally I don’t think anyone can ever be sufficiently developed or fully “grown” so maturity is one of those illusory ideals that people stretch for but can never truly attain. I bet JadedStaccato has a lot to say on the issue as well.

Basically, everyone stop blaming each other for who we are becoming. BenXiaoHai is becoming a jackass and Wen_He is becoming a boring, dry adult. I am still the same old cocky ?????????? however! We all gotta realize that despite our best intentions (like being mature and responsible) sometimes it won’t work out like we planned and not all people will agree with our intent.

Bah…I should follow my own advice aye? That’s the TRUE mark of a wise man. IE AznBoi082281! Lolllllx….