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How To Measure?

One of the things I love about JadedStaccato is that she keeps me on my toes:

nice resolutions- how would you measure your performance on items 1 through 4? =) – JadedStaccato

This brings me to today’s entry and the answer to that important question. I would measure the goals in relation to today’s status quo.

For the first, I will actively and thoughtfully place consideration in myself as a person, and monitor the internal effects of the events of my life. How did I change this day? What did I learn about people? Did I become angry too easily? Was I benevolent and fraternal or did I harden my heart against others? To measure my progress in understanding the world (by this, I mean the society in which I live), I will weigh my preconceptions, predictions, and expectations against reality. Was I aware that my actions would cause anger? Is that anger she feels or is that just what lies on the surface? What does society expect of me, and should I accept this?

To gauge my patience and understanding, I will attempt to live outside myself more often, observing emotion as it washes over me, especially those most passionate such as fear, anger, hatred, and love. I won’t attempt to block them, but instead, let them flow into me and through me.

For the third resolution, I will simply try to give more to society than I give today. Any amount over what I give now should be better. Right now, all I do to help society is to work hard, help my parents if possible, small, random acts of kindness for strangers, and use my natural abilities as much as possible. I have been looking into mentoring young adults, but I keep on questioning if it’s worth the time–especially now that we’re planning a wedding and I have weekly visits to the chiropractor.

Finally, to love more widely, purely, and honestly, I will work towards showing my true feelings and avoiding false emotion. I will attempt to make clear my motives and desires. I will try to take time out of my life for people, concentrating less on the hustle and bustle of daily life and more on the people who comprise it.