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Oh Thank Heaven! It’s my last day of work! Overall, the people here were great, but I’m glad to be getting back to school.

Sunny, you’ll get your damn skit soon. Hold your darn horses. Oh, and I dunno who’s gonna be in it. You find some people.

Vi, I’ll look into the catering thing this week (I think). Fucker.

Lisa, we can spend more time together!

In my absence from the Xanga scene, I’ve been thinking about possibilities for future entries. Here’s a taste.

What with people saying I’m spoiled? We’re all spoiled to a degree. Which is worse? Being a greedy parent who doesn’t share any wealth with their children or a spoiled child who gets what he wants because his parents have the money? Hmmm…well, I’m not saying I’m not spoiled, but how about those without sin cast the first stone? Is it worse to be spoiled by a friend? Yes, you can be spoiled by friends. Ever have a friend give you anything u want? You call that love? How come when parents give children anything they want, it’s worse?

What’s with honor? Some macho guys think fighting fairly is what honor is all about. For all you at the VSA picnic who saw me grab *ahem* multiple guy’s balls while they tried to restrain me, was that a dishonorable tactic? I offer that 3 guys trying to hold me down is dishonorable, and that if a regular joe schmore computer programming nerd such as myself gets chased by a black belt with a violent temper, it is perfectly alright to resort to any means necessary to avoid a beatdown.

What’s with people borrowing books and never returning them? I’m not talking to the people i lent books to really. It;s jsut how people borrow books from other people for their classes such as econ or psy, which everyone takes. Then, they never return the book. Also, and now I’m talking more to the people who borrowed books from me, if you know ur not going to read a book u have borrowed from me, return it, that way if someone who really wants to use it wants to use it, they can! hahaha… look everyone is gonna be scared and return my books now! YES!

Also, what’s the deal with people who’ve never had dates? Even if your ugly you can get a date! It’s all about personality. No, I’m not saying if you’ve never had a date you have no personality. Maybe no confidence though? ^___^ Oh, and that excuse that you’re busy with school and work is a cop out. Why? A cup of coffee takes an hour. Go out there and meet people! Fall in love and get hurt! Then do it all over again! So fun! (This is mostly directed toward men.)

On another note…boy, I’m glad I don’t go to Wharton. My hunni goes there and it seems like she’s awfully busy. Is it just me or do any of you other Drexel people find school easy as cake? It’s like I’m still in highschool…pshh…not that I’m complaining. If I wanted to be challenged I guess I should’ve gone to MIT or something (not that I could’ve gotten in ha).