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Darling Bear,

July 5, 2008

Darling bear,

How have you been doing, so far away from me? Things are wonderful back at home, so don’t worry about anything–just have a great time where you are. Before you know it, you’ll be back here, where my heart still waits patiently for your return.

Little Adam is starting to crawl! You would’ve been so proud of him. I set him down and started reading him a story, and he just rolled over onto his stomach and crawled a few steps. I think that he was trying to retreat from my oration. Do you think he may not like my taste in literature? If I want to keep reading to him, we’ll have to baby-proof the house.

I told your mother the same joke when I dropped him off before work. She said we should baby-proof the house anyway. I suppose my sense of humor is an acquired taste. She was excited about his new skill, and I reminded her that she should watch him diligently. She smiled with experience, and I realized my reminder was unnecessary. She did raise three beautiful daughters of her own, right? It’s just that I worry about him so much. When I met you, I never thought I’d love anyone as much–then our son arrived. It was such a happy day. I’ll always remember it.

Come back soon dear. I miss you terribly. Come back, and let’s resume the life we have put on hold. Come back, and let’s hope that our time apart never threatens our time together.

Yours to grow old with,