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If you’re wondering what exactly a “blog” is, my friend, you are very behind the times. Everyone who’s anyone has a blog, which is a term meaning web log. If you look carefully, you’ll see “blog” is an amalgam of the words “web” and “log.”

For employers reviewing my blog, this is a place where you may be able to get a sense of my character. Also, there are quite a few samples of my casual writing. Here are links to a few to expedite your search:

The Hand of God?

Going to NYC and the tale of Samson (For the NYC trip, the times are scrambled on purpose. Not many people understood my use of it as a narrative tool.)

Jamie’s Bus and a tale of a Man Without Aim (do not expect a bildungsroman, just more toilet humor)

My Dear Brother (a real tear-jerker *sniff *sniff)

Mighty Mouse (A sample of my photography)

The Intro to a skit I wrote, directed, and produced

The Next Part of the Skit

and finally, my magnum opus (not really, i just wanted to use the term) the Tao of Love:

Part1 & Part2 | Part3 | Part4