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Blow Out the Candle

A year ago on this date, 3-4 hours from now, I first met my Lisa.

Five days later, we became girlfriend and boyfriend.

Somewhere in between then and now, we fell in love.

Rejoice with me!

Darling baby bear, from you happiness burbles forth
and I drink greedily, full of ever-bursting mirth
you invoke gaiety, like satyr Pan’s pipes
making me swear an oath, thanking god for his gift of life.

You conjure golden bands and bells in my mind,
and attempted lyrical lines forced in hasty rhymes.
through fiery trials we’ve tempered our bond,
like a blacksmith forging metal scepters and wands
symbolizing the power through the ages–
of our love often tested that will best any rages:
minor tiffs and tangles, brusk discourteous jangles;
major catasrophes, floods, famine, and killer bees.
all such manner of man or beast or some almagam
that can come between a man and a woman
will be gnats to squash and squeeze deftly
through the mutual respect existing between you and me.

Our bond is Siamese, we’re attached at the hip
or should I say our minds? would that better befit
the quality of us. We’re syncrhonized liek the swiss
i creep behind you, and you just turn for a kiss.
Did you read my intent? Maybe I wanted to give you a tickle!
Oops, did I say that? Oh now I’m in a pickle…

Happy Anniversary! That feels incredible to say
(I’ve actually been waiting a whole year for this day)
so now that it’s here, what do we do?

You keep loving me.
I’ll keep loving you.

Blow out the candle, on the cake we’ve baked,
and wish for more happiness for both our sakes,
and wish for the time when two become one,
and the oven will be stuffed with our cake, and 5 buns.