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I’d like to have you all over my apartment for a celebration. Feel free to just stop by and say hi and leave if you don’t have the time to stay. I realize my apartment isn’t as large as my house, but I’d like to see how much tuna we can fit into that can.

Time: 6 or 8 oclock (I haven’t decided)
Date: Dec. 13th
Where: 39th and Chestnut

What are we going to do?
Chit Chat
Play Group Games
Eat Food (if I have the party at 6)
Other Jamie-like stuff (you should know the drill by now)

Do I have to bring a gift?

What kind of gifts?
Nice Dishes/Cups/Tea Set/Tupperware
Posters, Artwork, stuff to pretty up my apartment
Alcohol (easy, huh? it’s the gift that keeps on giving. If you do bring alcohol, don’t bring anything that can’t be mixed, unless its a cooler or bear)
or see my wish-list at! (Any computer books on this list can be purchased used but in good condition at If you are going to buy a book, I’d rather have a computer book than the more recreational ones)

I am hoping you can all make it on that date, if not, I will be one lonely boy that day

Andd…. don’t bother posting a comment here if you’re not coming!!

To the competition participants:
If you are not coming with a date, pair up with someone you know won’t have one either. Remember, you can pair up with someone of the same sex if you’re a pussy or if you’re on the Lock (with a capital L).