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Creator, Destroyer

For those of you who don’t remember that I CREATED Petezmaru, be mindful!

I drew him up from the living earth. His bone and cartilage is bound by my most powerful majicks. His leathery sinews doth beat and undulate with the strength of my vitality. His existence is my whim, his life is a paltry pittance given to a beggar.

He was seeking a soul, and to hell i ventured in search.

Eons–seconds, I know not, flowed passed, as I battled scourges hidden by the mists of time; those foul demons and beasts relegated to mere children’s bed-time tales, I smote.

There, in the fifth circle, those spirits that mourned life while still living, were submerged in that hellish river. I summoned one forth and defying heavenly-law, granted him terrestrial blood and body. Now he is my vassal, my twisted monster! Behold….

— Arch Mage, Necromancer, Practitioner of the Dark Arts, Scholar, Lover, Hellish Fiend, Impaler, Omega, Transmogrifier, Sorcerer, Warlock, Shaman, and all-around Meanie, Majie

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