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Beautiful Garden

Grand walls blocked
entrance into Eden.
I, yet bright-eyed
wondered about inside.

Pungent aromas diffused
through careless cracks
I used, catching
glimpses of buds.

Yet a child,
heart and mind,
begging to touch
petal and stem.

Like a weed,
I have grown,
into that garden,
choking cherished beauty.

A daisy then,
wilted I fear.
Weeds steal life
from true beauty.

Then the orchid–
supple violet lips,
grayed and weak
and now recovering.

Tulips I kissed,
drenched with dew,
I swallowed that
bulb quite quickly.

Through that ground,
sweeping destructive path,
now the center
came at last.

Not a flower,
but a fountain
met me there–
watering the air.

I remarked, “How
Beautiful Life Is!”
At that sight
of streaming vitality.

Deciding to stay
I found seating
near this beauty
and rested awhile.

How long my
rest I’m unaware.
I rested peacefully
until it came.

A dove chirped
in air above
and woke me
from my peace.

“Oh pacific symbol,
disturbing my rest,
despite the inconvenience,
life is beautiful.”

It cooed gently,
in obvious agreement.
And stayed awhile
joining my peace.

Time passed as
it always must.
Flying away the
dove left itself.

Staying by the
fountain, I remained
until my garden
stay was done.