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Tips for Living

Yankang’s Bday Video Introduction
3.25 Min [Low Res WMV8, Low Audio 22MHz] (5.32MB)

Stay tuned for the rest of the video (as I finish the final editing and encoding). You must have Windows Media Player 8 to view this video.

You can get the larger, better-quality version from me through AIM by selecting Get File from DaAznAngelLpTp [740×480 Divx Video], but you must be on my buddy list (IM that screenname and I will add you). Alternatively, you can get the low bandwidth version here [~10MB]; however, you must have Divx 5.0 Codec to play it.

“Despair is for those who see the end beyond all hope” (or something like that) — Gandalf

3. Reserve pity for those without hope. Pity is insulting to those who still have it.

Explanation: Although compassion and pity are similar, the connotation of pity is more condescending. As in the quote above, I feel (please, contest my argument) that pity is more related to despair than hope. Pity is compassion given to those wtihout hope. Pity is a stronger and more severe word than compassion.

Living: Have compassion for people, but do not go out of your way to help someone simply because you feel sorry for him–especially when he does not want your help.

Importance: If it is at all possible for someone to help himself without your assistance, then that person should be left to his own devices. It is not for the sake of his pride, but for his sense of independence and self-sustainability.