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Future Education

Thank to all those placed their vote in the poll! I really appreciate it that you took 1 minute to take interest in my future, as I will always be interested in yours and offer my skills, advice, and influence to you however I can.

I will try to let you all know what I decide in the future (probably between 2 and 5 years hence). I will most likely not be getting a Master and PhD in CS. It would be too monotonous, I think. True, I am good at it, but I would be good at any of the other majors because of how they are related.

Getting an MBA would be iffy, because business is probably my weakest subject, despite how often I make fun of Drexel business students. (Why Because I have little passion for it.) Also, the purpose of an MBA would be more in the interest of my career, whereas an MEng would be for my own knowledge and enjoyment. It would probably be my weakest subject.

I am leaning towards EE and CE right now, time will tell what I finally decide upon.