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Tips for Living

6. Lie only when you must protect what is important. Choose your lies carefully.

Explanation: Some people would say that you should never lie. I believe taht is an unrealistic philosophy.

Living: Know what you’re doing when you lie. Consider the ramifications should the lie be disclosed. Weigh the reward against the punishment.

Importance: Some people are bad liars. They make up things and don’t rememebr what they’ve said afterwards. Some people can lie well, but always do. People won’t trust you if you do this. So if you do lie, make sure it is a very small lie, or a very important one.

7. What is best for the group is best for you. When others depend on you, do not fail.

Explanation: When working as part of a group on a school project, consider what is best for the group. Do not be a leech. Do not be dead weight. This also applies to student (or other) organizations. Often, when you fail, the organization fails. (This may apply less in very competitive or occupational settings.)

Living: Get over yourself already, and be a team player.

Importance: Learning that you are not the center of the universe is vital. Even if you are often not the most responsible person, you should be able to complement the needs of your group by giving your best effort.