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Tips for Living

brrr.. issh cold outside…

The continuing explanation of my philosophy for living…

edited because wellwisher reminded me of the other kind of regret

8. Live without regret. Explanation: Regret is a great source of stress in life. Don’t put yourself into a position where you will regret what you have done. If you do do something awful or terrible, learn to accept what you’ve done rather than hiding from it. Edit: Don’t not do something because of fear.

Living: Think carefully about what you do, and what the results will be. Do not do something you would be ashamed to tell a sibling, spouse, or family member about. Edit: This will be explained in the lessons “You may live until 100, you may die tomorrow.” and “Courage is not the absence of fear, but strength inspite of it.”

Importance: Managing stress is one of the keys to life. Regret can resurface as a demon. I consider demons to be holes in your soul that make you feel incomplete, or things which feed off your soul, sapping your spirtual or mental strength. Edit: Not doing something will also cause regret and therefore stress.

9. Right wrongs when possible. Explanation: If you did something wrong, rather than regret it your whole life, try to make amends. It is almost never too late. If there is something wrong that you may not necessarily have caused, you should try to help out. Non-action is a crime.

Living: A lot of times, righting a self-committed wrong will require swallowing your pride. This is a small price to pay int he long run. If you see a car accident, call 911. If you see a crime, get some help. If someone asks you for directions, try to give them the right ones.

Importance: Being a good person while managing stress rocks.