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Thought for the day…

It’s laughable sometimes how people delude themselves into believing they’re more than they are. I see it everyday. It’s like a darkness that clouds the facade people try to present. I see it and I want to spit. I’m afraid they might spit right back. I wonder if what I see in others is merely what I refuse to see in myself.

What’s happening?

I just watched the movie Pi. Its blend of mathematics and religion was incredibly interesting–I want to find out more about geometry, Go, and Talmudic scholars now!! I am officially announcing my hiatus from the dating world. Women of the world rejoice!

What’s been happening?

Just really busy with moving. I will be done on Thursday!


September 6th I’ll recieve the results of my most recent round of interviews. If I don’t get a job, I have a volunteer thing lined up and hopefully I can get some other sort of job somewhere near my apartment. Vi’s birthday is fast approaching. He’s getting mad caked.