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Utter Crap

All of you are so lucky. Thanks to my entries in Xanga, you can delve into the mind of a genius! Quiver before my might and glory!

I take if from your silence that you’re in awe. That’s understandable…I mean, if I had the opportunity to understand the mind of a giant like myself–I’d probably be stunned too. I stride through the realms of imagination like a colossus. You think you can even begin to comprehend what it is I am?? Fool….

I devour literature like a rambunctious toddler inhales pixie stix. I have the spatial reasoning and computational power of an SGI workstation. My every utterance is logged by god as the true gospel! My mind is quicker than hermes on viagra. Greenspan’s economic policy fluctuates according to my health.

I am all important, all knowing, all encompassing. I am Zeus. Kiss my arse or I’ll sizzle yours.

Now that is crap!

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