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I Want You…

I don’t really know what turns women on, but I tried since Sunny requested it…. Oh, btw, the narrator is a GIRL. (Rumors of my homosexuality have been greatly exaggerated.)

I Want You…

Aching with exhaustion, I pounded my legs up and down. “Gotta keep my thighs toned,” I told myself. I tensed and my teeth clenched as blackness rolled in and out. I dropped my head for a moment and raised it to a god.

Steely brown eyes–almost black–looked up at me from a sit-up position. He had a cocky smirk, with lips wet and supple, yet lips that were strong. They could engulf mine, engulf my whole body–cover every crevice, invade every orifice, wet me everywhere. I gasped.

He raised his torso up and down, crunching his abs together. Count them…four, six, no eight packets of muscle. His toned, but lean body shimmered. He had to be almost a foot taller than me–I shivered at his length.

Continuing my workout, my eyes followed his movements. He watched me too. His eyes jumped from my breasts to my trembling mound. Tempting eyes drank me in, and I welcomed them to all my secret places. My body pulsed with heat. “Taste me!” I implored to him psychically.

Jet black hair and rough hands seized me–hands that stroked my waist-low hair and my awaiting body. Hypnotizing eyes lulled my will to succumb. He plunged, dived, slid into me, but gently, and our lips melded together.

I continued my workout, turning my headphone volume high, and minutes later he left without ever realizing my hidden desires.

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