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Normally, I try to make my entries full of non-stop, on-the-seat-of-your-chair action, but before you read any farther, I warn you this won’t be one of those entries. This will be of the more inane variety–similar to the other Xangian’s entries which simply describe the mundane details of their little pathetic lives. (Just kidding! Don’t take it personally!)

Well, I registered for classes today, and I have decided to take 6…yes 6 classes! Normally this would be nothing to hiccup about, but I am taking 4 CS courses, 1 Math, and 1 Econ. Here is my course list for next term:

CS270 Math Foundations of Computer Science
CS281 Systems Architecture I
CS360 Programming Language Concepts
CS480 Theory of Computation

Math311 Probability and Statistics I

Econ211 Principles of Microeconomics

Will I die from all of the work and stress? Will I whine on Xanga about it? Quite possibly! I’m getting ready for my most difficult semester ever!! The best part of the Spring Semester–despite all the work–will be spending time with my loving Lisa.