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You Are Everything

You are Lisa.

You are the feeling that I get when standing on the fringes of a sandy beach overlooking an oceanic vastness.

You are the feeling of the sand rushing out from beneath my feet, drawn away by the retreating tide.

You are the feeling of the cool crisp air breezing past my hair and limbs.

You are the goosebumps that rise with the cold air, making me reach for a sheltering warmth.

You are the towel that I cast over me–warm and nurturing–embracing me like a mother does her newborn.

You are the walk home–to familiarity and security.

You are the steady steps I take–each one unevenly thumping along with the thumping of my heart.

You are the daydream I envision along my walk.

You are the air that proves my breath.

You are the vision that beams from my eyes.

You are the smells that waft to my nose.

You are the melody that pours from my lips when I sing.

You are the yielding blades of grass under my feet.

You are the billowing clouds and the unending heavens.

You are the world and the universe, and everything in between.

You are life.