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Marriage and What Comes After

I stated before that marriage marks the beginning of a new stage in the relationship. Even though I’ve stated I’ve felt married to Lisa for years, marriage is still a new beginning in my eyes. Despite what strength our relationship holds, regardless of the trials we have blazed through together, society has not considered us man and wife. Before the ceremony, even my parents, who were overjoyed to have me settle down with a nice Chinese girl, would balk when I called her my wife.

Even though we have been united through bonds of spirit for years, all that time I wanted to be official. I wanted others to recognize the bond we had. I didn’t think we could start the next phase of our lives until we took that step. And what does that next phase hold? We’re working on getting a house, and we’re starting graduate degrees in the fall. Although we’re making progress, I wonder if its all too myopic. Has the small victory we’ve had made us complacent about what will come ahead? Maybe I’m spending too much time on the future, without taking time for the present.