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Anyone see smallville tonight WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In response to buddhawish (also posted as a comment on her site), hopefully this will lead to an interesting discussion–please leave your thoughts and comments on the subject. Italicized sentences are excerpts from the comment she left to my entry on Tuesday.

This comment depends on when the couple first started dating. If they started in school still, this is not an infeasible concept, is it

Obviously. I didn’t mean during school. If I had to account for every possibly scenario when I write an opinion piece, then my entries would be ten pages long. What if your partner falls into a coma? What if your partner moves away? What if your partner gets a chance to be an American Idol?

The stresses of school life is minute compared to the stresses of the real world, buddy boy.

That’s why it would be nice to share the stress together, with your spouse.

The question I have for you then, why rush into something if you know that you both love each other

Why stall something if you know that you both love each other

Some are entitled to their own opinion but you shouldn’t think that’s messed up.

Only some How about me My opinion is that it is messed up! :) To each their own.

By you’re finding that it’s pretty messed up, may I ask if you believe that the purpose of women is to merely breed

Hehe, I will assume that question is rhetorical, but I will answer it anyway. Biologically yes, the woman’s function is to breed. Our function as a species–rather as living organisms–is to survive and propogate. When I say it is messed up, I mean that I wouldn’t touch a woman that didn’t want to have kids with a ten yard stick. Again, there are reasons to not want to have kids that are excusable, but I’d rather save my senior thesis for a topic more concentrated in my major.

So are you coming to our wedding?